The Revolution in Hair Coloration

Color Tuner is a new and innovative tool for artful coloring services.

Sophisticated cupreous-reflexes

Creation of global coloration with accentual colour-reflexes
As touched by the fire of passion: Perfect refinement by sophisticated cupreous-reflexes.

  • precise, artistic colour-reflexes
  • harmonious accentuation on the individual creation of hair
  • silky gloss
  • underlines individual characters

Changeable gold-/brown-reflexes

Creation of harmonious top-layered hair-reflexes
As touched by precious silk: Exceptional shine by changeable gold-/brown-reflexes.

  • changeable, refining colour-reflexes
  • silky gloss
  • underlines your individual character

Natural blond-reflexes

Creation of naturally gentle blond-reflexes
As touched by the sunlight: breathtaking sensuality by natural blond-reflexes.

  • natural, tender sunlight-reflexes
  • silky gloss
  • underlines your individual character

Color Tuner Videos

Color Tuner – Opener english

Color Tuner – Demonstration english

Color Tuner – Instruction Movie english

Color Tuner – Udo Walz english

Color Tuner – Blonde Hair english

Color Tuner – Grey Hair english

Die Revolution in der Farbdienstleistung german

Color Tuner

Color Tuner just overlies on the hair without soaking into the hair structure – for a highly hair-gentle application. The exchangeable guiding-applicators are variably insertable and match individually with different product-viscosities.

The worldwide unique, patented application-tool COLOR TUNER was developed especially for creating precise, artistic color-reflexes into the hair by partial coloration.